4 x 1080p Full HD CCTV System & 500GB HDD


4 x 1080p  

This kit includes everything you need supplied and fitted, the price you see is the price you pay!

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- The DVR is a 5-IN-1 dvr , & support sTVI/CVI/AHD/Analog/ONVIF IP camera all at the same time.
- Support P2P technology, the CCTV DVR can be linked through the internet without any complicated port mapping.
- 1080P DVR can provide true color high definition image.
- True 1080P Resolution camera provides clear and accurate video footage both day&night EXIR Technology.
- IR-CUT filter provides true color image during daytime. IR LEDs privide high quality picture at night.
- IP66  weather proof means this camera is suitable for outdoor locations.
- strong shell ensures its waterproof & provides you a convenient and safe life.
- Backup Via USB Drive. Remotely activate and View Via the Internet from anywhere and anytime.
- Support motion detection, send alarm information by Email.
- Support multi channel simultaneous live viewing via your smart phone.
- Support Capture and Record in your smart phone.
- Support Cloud System For Remote Access/Support HDMI & VGA Output.
- PC surveillance software and mobile phone client are included, very easy remote network surveillance.
- Simple to use and at a low price.
- This CCTV security system is intended for domestic use but also could suit a small business.

Customer Information

A. The attending Engineer will discuss your specific installation requirements (Camera positions, Camera views, Cable routing etc) to ensure that all parties have a clear understanding of the works being undertaken. (Where required the Engineer will also outline any additional/ non standard elements that may be required and seek agreement before work commences)

Image result for building survey

B. Once the Camera positions/ views have been agreed with the Customer, the Engineer will proceed to install the cameras to provide the required imagery. (Final image quality is governed by the type of camera selected and camera mounting position in regard to the target subject)


Image result for drilling wall

C. As each Camera is carefully mounted onto the property, the Engineer will use a monitor to check the cameras view and image quality to make sure that the camera is properly aligned to the target subject (Example: Door way, Entrance Drive Way, Shed, Car Port etc)

Image result for cctv test

D. With the Cameras securely in position and correctly aligned, the engineer will proceed to install the surface mounted video cables back to the central DVR position within the property. The video cables included in the standard kit are pre terminated with BNC connectors and approx 20m in length so this helps to determine the final positioning points for the cameras and DVR equipment

Image result for cctv engineer on ladder
E. The individual video cables are routed back to the DVR position situated within the property. Where the external cables enter the property it may be necessary for the Engineer to drill a cable entry hole which will in turn be sealed with silicon sealant to prevent any water ingress.

run the cable behind features such as window sills, gutters and drainpipes

F. When the video cables are all in position at the central DVR position, the Engineer will proceed set up the DVR / Monitor and connect the incoming video cables to the DVR video ports and separate PSU's. Note: It is important to make sure that Customers have a suitable monitor device (hdmi) and adequate power sockets for all the equipment - DVR/ Cameras/ Monitor etc)

G. After the DVR has been connected to the video cables and monitor, the Engineer will configure the DVR to view/ record each of the separate video channels. Once configured, the Engineer will provide a quick system demonstration to show that the cameras are all in position and operational and that the DVR unit is recording/ playing back the correct imagery.

H. Remote Viewing Setup (Optional) - With the CCTV System installed and tested, the Engineer will connect the DVR to the Customers Broadband via their existing Home Network/ Router. It is important that the Customer has an adequate Broadband supply (>2Mb) and available Router port access to route the DVR imagery to a web enable device. The Engineer will then load the "Hik-connect" App onto the Customers Computer/ suitable mobile device/ Smart phone with adequate mobile Broadband (Single device) before carrying final testing and a simple demonstration of the remote viewing facility.  

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All kits can be changed and other brands are available.


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