Business CCTV

Standard Installations

  1. CCTV System installations are completed on proof of a valid purchase (Voucher/ Receipt)
  2. The outlined CCTV bundles and services are provided to support Consumers situated in domestic dwellings. (Commercial sites should be site surveyed to ascertain site specific requirements - Site Access, Camera positioning/ cable routing and H&S requirements)
  3. CCTV System installation work is based upon a ‘Standard call’ which is defined as normally requiring a 1 man installation team to install a ‘Standard’ set of materials onto a property of two storeys or less in height (Domestic) (Most installations are completed within one day)
  4. HD Security Service Agents will be required to undertake/ complete CCTV system installation in accordance with the agreed technical specifications and current H&S guidelines (ladder access/ cable routing etc) (Customers are required to provide suitable access to site)
  5. The provision, installation and alignment of pre purchased CCTV cameras (1- 16 Cameras Site specific) - The attending Engineer will discuss/ agree the most suitable mounting positions with the Customer on site (Dependent upon site access/ view required)
  6. The provision and installation of pre purchased surface mounted video cables up to 30m in length to a suitable position for connection to the customer’s equipment (DVR/ Monitor/ TV). The number of video cables is dependent upon option selected 1 - 16 Cameras)
  7. All wall entry holes will be properly sealed against the elements using silicon sealant or appropriate internal/ external weather covers
  8. The setup and configuration of the DVR unit to view/ record the incoming camera imagery (The Customer is required to provide adequate mains sockets at the DVR position for all equipment - DVR, Monitor/ PSU's etc)
  9. A final assessment of view camera feeds will be carried out to confirm that the new CCTV system is fully operational to agreed levels following the camera installations.
  10. The recording and sign off of all relevant call details by the Customer using a generic Call Completion Record (CCR) which also acts a s a receipt of the completed works

Remote Viewing (optional item) The attending Engineer will configure a single portable device using the "Smartphone View" App to remotely monitor the CCTV imagery (suitable Computer, Smart Phone/ Tablet). Note: Remote access is governed by the Customer having adequate broadband services (Mobile/ Fixed) and an accessible IP router (unlocked) for Port forwarding to the mobile device.

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